10 jun. 2011


El documental se encuentra acá:


“Having played a key role in globalization throughout the 90s, Stiglitz is now a vocal critic of the “free-market fundamentalism” of the
International Monetary Fund and his former employer, the
World Bank.
He offers an alternative path to globalization.
This film paints a picture of Stiglitz’s thinking via two journeys:
His own personal journey began in Gary, Indiana. We return to his hometown to understand what shaped his thinking.
And we embark on a global tour, from developing countries like Ecuadorand Botswana to newly industrialized powers like India and China.
Along the way he offers us the keys to “another world.” Stiglitz presents globalization as a process that can ultimately be managed to benefit all, without worsening existing inequalities.
Along these journeys, we discover real-life, human situations – the faces of globalization – and propose fair solutions.
Another kind of world is indeed possible.”

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